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APY Martial at Glencoe Park!

Tuesday & Thursday during the month of August, join us for APY Martial–the next level of yoga training. After all yoga is designed to give you the strength to control your body and energy. APY Martial is designed to take that ability into any situation and if necessary control of others bodies and energies.

Sometimes life is fast, sometimes slow, sometimes you must be very strong, sometimes very flexible; APY Martial is designed to give you the ability to embrace it all!


Classes are an hour and just as APY are open to all levels! In APY Martial you will develop strength, speed, poise, balance and will power that you might not had known is possible. I have pulled effective techniques from kung fu, jiu jitsu, tai chi, Thai kicking boxing and more!


If you are ready for a change and ready for a challenge APY Martial is ready for you!