APY 200-hr Teacher Training

Become a Certified Yoga Instructor in Dallas

In American Power Yoga we use different physical challenges taken from many practices of Yoga, Kung Fu, and Qi Gung, as well as the very latest in Western rehabilitation. This allows us to replicate the mental, emotional, and physical challenges we all face, each day. We condition the body while strengthening the mind.

I strongly believe, by making our mind strong and flexible enough to successfully deal with daily challenges, it will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. I also try to infuse elements of all the branches of classical yoga within the practice, by reminding the practitioners of the importance of taking care of themselves daily (devotion), educating them on the ancient laws of energy and the latest studies on Western medicine (knowledge), urging them to use their strength and compassion to assist others (service), and encouraging them to see each class as a meditation. Because we hold on to the traditional values of this practice, in many ways I consider us “new traditionalists.”

~ Kurt Johnson, Founder of American Power Yoga

teachertraining APY 200 hr Teacher Training

It is our mission that through a deeper understanding of this practice, the student will experience heightened awareness and more compassion. ~ Kurt Johnsen

You can now take your yoga practice to the next level, with APY Teacher Training. This program is designed to excel your understanding of yoga, and thus your understanding of life. You will not only explore the depths of yoga, but most importantly, you will learn how to live yoga. This intense training course was originally designed by APY, founder Kurt Johnsen.

The Program

American Power Yoga Teacher Training consists of over 200 hours of study designed to help individuals understand the diverse tools, philosophies, and knowledge that APY offers through its yoga practice. Unlike many yoga studios, APY intentionally strives to pull from not only the traditional yoga practices of India, but from as many sources, countries, continents, and cultures as possible. It is our belief that there are many paths to the same place, and the more knowledge we are equipped with, the better we can connect, understand, and assist the world’s diverse population

American Power Yoga Teacher Training includes:

  • History and lineage of APY and other traditional yoga practices
  • In depth pose study and sequencing
  • Unique breath work
  • Tibetan Tai Chi and Chi Gung studies
  • Meditation studies
  • Communication skills
  • Nutrition studies and workshops with a certified nutritionist to learn the basics of maintain a healthy lifestyle through nutrition
  • Energy studies and workshops with a Kung Fu grandmaster and acupuncturist
  • Study the chakras and principles of Chi and Yin Yang
  • Breathing workshop with a professional voice coach
  • Adjustment and alignment techniques to prevent injury and other healing modalities
  • And much more!


  • “The APY teacher training program got me in the best shape mentally and physically of my life.”
  • “I have taken two other yoga ‘intensives’ and have learned more in this training than the other two combined.”
  • APY’s yoga Teacher Training was one of the best experiences ever. Not only did I grow and condition my body physically, but mentally as well. I increased my self-awareness allowing me to have more compassion for others. The physical challenges of yoga are the same as the realities of life. And learning to breathe through these situations is the most important”
  • “I have paid for a lot of self-development courses, been through some “transformational” work, have read and studied ancient philosophy and “New-Thought” ideas, but the APY Training encompasses things that directly affect my day-to-day life and living experience. Through this training I have become physically and mentally stronger, healthier, fit and a lot more conscious of what I put into my body and my mind. I am surrounded by more authentic, caring people because I have learned to be more authentic and caring myself”
  • “This training is Life Training.”

The APY Method

To achieve optimal fitness results, a variety of exercise concepts are necessary to keep the mind and body engaged and challenged. The APY Method is a revolutionary fitness program designed to create healthy happy humans by intertwining effective training methods with a lifestyle philosophy. Our combined collection of classes, offered at the Dallas yoga studio - Sunstone Academy, will assist all in living healthier, and ultimately happier, lives.