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Cross Train

Cross train is basically combination training to get you in really great shape! Focusing on developing:

  • Strength through multiple conditioning techniques while paying special attention to body mechanics and alignment.
  • Power through explosive plyo-metrics and eccentric muscle movement
  • Neuromuscular Education through combination training that challenges both physicality, brain function, and body/space awareness
  • and of course Ninja Warrior Skills by using elements of martial arts and self defense, Qi gung and Tai Chi, yoga and meditation.

All of these elements of fitness are enhanced by control developed through powerful & practical breathing techniques, allowing you to reach your intensity limits while learning to recover quickly, just as we practice in yoga. Possibility is limited only by our willingness to be creative, so come with an open mind and be ready to explore and have fun! Also, as we receive the milder weather of the Fall months, we have the option to train outside at nearby Glencoe Park!