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APY Adventure!

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Your Yoga Retreat Connection

Yoga is all about making connections: connecting the body to the mind, connecting the mind to the soul, connecting with other humans, and with spirit that is greater than you (God, the Universe, whatever you choose to call it).

Travel is also about connecting with the people, cultures, customs, and practices of our global family. Combining the joy of yoga with the profound, nuanced experience of international travel seems like a natural fit, which is why we’re launching APY Adventure!


These intensive but rewarding yoga retreats promise to steep you in the APY Method while also broadening your horizons through group and solo activities in exciting and exotic locales. Led by APY founder Kurt Johnsen, these retreats promise fun and laughter, in addition to physical and spiritual transformation.

Prospective destinations for 2014 retreats include Bali, Thailand, and London!

To learn details about upcoming yoga retreats, email us today. Don’t wait! Space is limited, and these exclusive yoga retreats fill up fast.

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The APY Method

To achieve optimal fitness results, a variety of exercise concepts are necessary to keep the mind and body engaged and challenged. The APY Method is a revolutionary fitness program designed to create healthy happy humans by intertwining effective training methods with a lifestyle philosophy. Our combined collection of classes, offered at our Dallas yoga studio, will assist all in living healthier, and ultimately happier, lives.

For the upcoming schedule and details, email