Welcome to the American Power Yoga Studio in Dallas

We’re not your typical yoga studio. And we don’t exercise, we train. We train for life. Life is always changing, so we don’t rely on one modality to prepare us for life. That would be like eating only spinach everyday, sure it’s good for you but variety is what we are designed to do as well as eat. Our newly expanded studio gives us a perfect opportunity (and space!) to bring you a variety of ways to train your body and your mind. Training has a purpose, is a journey, is exciting and fun! Don’t worry; we are very sensitive to everyone’s level of fitness, injuries, even your openness to trying new things. The poses and exercises practiced in each class can be modified or intensified at the will of the student. Therefore, everyone who attends our classes can safely challenge themselves and explore the moment. Happiness is simply accepting what you find!

  • YOGA: The most accessible style of power yoga. A fluid presentation of poses and wisdom to build strength and flexibility both physically and mentally. 85 degrees. 60 min.
  • CROSS TRAIN: Combination training meant to get you in great shape while increasing your endurance.
  • LIGHTNING FIRE MOUNTAIN TIBETAN KUNG FU: An authentic ancient kung fu system consisting of 7 levels. It is a journey of skill, grace, endurance, and energy of oneself and others. 90 min.

The APY Method

To achieve optimal fitness results, a variety of exercise concepts are necessary to keep the mind and body engaged and challenged. The APY Method is a revolutionary fitness program designed to create healthy happy humans by intertwining effective training methods with a lifestyle philosophy. Our combined collection of classes, offered at our Dallas yoga studio, will assist all in living healthier, and ultimately happier, lives.