Happy Healthy Humans

Lightning Fire Mountain System-Tibetan Martial Arts (LFM)

The Tibetan spirit is expressed in many ways: as a philosophy, a lifestyle, and a code of ethics. The Tibetan word for warrior, pa-wo, literally means “one who is brave.” A warrior develops this unique form of compassionate bravery through self-discipline, systematic training, and hard work. A true warrior in the Tibetan sense cares deeply for other people.

Over the centuries, lamas have used the martial arts to teach peaceful bravery as a path to harmony, honor, and the highest values. Tibetan martial arts maintain universal love and harmony as ideals, but train a warrior’s edge by balancing mind and body, cultivating physical skills, attentiveness, vitality, adaptability, and the readiness and willingness to act in conflict. This is the essence of studying Tibetan martial arts and following the Warrior’s path.

We are very happy to announce that Roger Stainbrook will be instructing the Lightening Fire Mountain System of Tibetan Martial Arts in our new studio space. We encourage you to read our history of American Power Yoga to learn more about how deeply the LFM system influenced its development. This is a true martial arts system consisting of seven levels. However, all classes are open and taught in the traditional manner, with senior students helping to train the newer ones. Each class is 90 minutes. If you are curious or interested in developing amazing power and core strength, come to class and check it out!

The APY Method

To achieve optimal fitness results, a variety of exercise concepts are necessary to keep the mind and body engaged and challenged. The APY Method is a revolutionary fitness program designed to create healthy happy humans by intertwining effective training methods with a lifestyle philosophy. Our combined collection of classes, offered at our Dallas yoga studio, will assist all in living healthier, and ultimately happier, lives.